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“Deep inside we speak the same language as nature, and by connecting to the serenity of the natural world, we are able to hear our own heart speaking to us.”


Nature is my church. It is the place that I go to for peace and solace, clarity and inspiration. I go to nature to soothe my soul, calm my mind and connect to a higher power. Nature has always been an important part of my life. When I was young I spent hours playing outdoors, learning the language of the natural world and my place in it. During my teenage years I retreated again to nature, and spent many days sitting under my favorite tree in its peace + comfort, or painting outside in the sunshine, where my worries seemed to wash away. Over the years, I have found that no matter how crazy life can be, when I am in nature, everything makes sense. A hike in the woods, sitting on a rock by the river, a stroll on the beach or even resting on a bench at the park all bring a sense of comfort, clarity and guidance that can seldom be found elsewhere. My truth is whispered to me through the trees and rivers, oceans and mountains. In nature I can hear the answers of my heart. It is this powerful connection of outer nature to our inner divine nature that has guided me in my own life, and which I feel inspired to share with others through my art.

Jill Lena Ford nature inspired artist

“My art captures the place where outer nature meets inner nature – where the natural world meets the nature of the human spirit.”


My signature style of Organic Mixed Media Art was inspired back in 2000, while on a walk through the majestic Redwood Forest of Northern California. Feeling so dwarfed by the immense yet graceful trees that surrounded me, I was overwhelmed by their beauty, strength and wisdom. I felt so safe and protected, as if I had gone into the very womb of the Earth, and was being embraced and nourished by Mother Nature herself.

I wanted to translate those powerful feelings I experienced deep in that forest into my artwork. Up until then I had been painting scenes of natural landscapes, but I now felt inspired to take my art process even further, and to actually use the elements of nature directly in my artwork so that every bit of its power could be felt. I didn’t want to just paint pictures of nature, I wanted to paint with nature.

So I collected leaves, twigs, pine needles and dirt from the forest floor and brought them back to my studio. I then combined them with my paints to create works of art that radiated with the powers of the natural world. These new works were full of life, and vibrated with the elements of nature: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Space. The inspiring and beneficial properties of nature were captured on my canvas and transferred to all who viewed my works, filling their homes and their hearts with its powerful energy.

“I didn’t want to just paint pictures of nature, I wanted to paint with nature, so every bit of its energy could be felt.”


For over twenty years I have traveled the world’s exotic landscapes, collecting inspiration and organic materials to be used in my artwork, so that I could translate nature’s unique and powerful energies onto canvas. Every place in nature has its own energy – a unique life force pulsating through its landscapes and the natural materials located there. I blend these natural materials and their energies onto my canvas much in the way that I blend the colors of my paints. Shells that I collected from the beaches of Tahiti bring tranquility and peace, sands from Morocco’s Sahara Desert provide clarity and strength, stones I gathered from the peaks of the Himalayas in Nepal offer grounding and stability, and pebbles from the banks of the Mekong River in Thailand radiate mindfulness and flow. Each organic element evokes different emotions and speaks to the heart in their own unique way, offering a deeper connection to the natural world, and a deeper connection within ourselves.

I have collected some of nature’s most magnificent treasures from over 30 countries across the globe, including sand, pebbles, shells, crystals, geodes, feathers, meteorites, gems, lava stones and more. Their pure and wild energies have been translated onto my canvases, and into homes, businesses and hearts worldwide. As my art continues to evolve, I find new ways to channel the powers of nature through my work. I now offer highly personalized custom artworks that are created with the unique intentions and messages of my clients. These custom designed pieces are created by me, but inspired by the person it is being created for. They include significant items and personal themes, so that they inspire and uplift my clients in a powerful and meaningful way. These hand tailored works of art transform living and work spaces into sacred sanctuaries that nourish and inspire the mind, body + soul.

Jill Lena Ford nature inspired artist on a camel in the Sahara desert
Jill Lena Ford nature inspired artist on a mountain top in the Himalayas in Nepal

“Every place in nature has its own energy – a unique life force pulsating through its landscapes and the natural materials located there.”


Jill Lena Ford is an award winning organic mixed-media artist. Her vibrant artworks are infused with natural materials that she collects from exotic landscapes from across the globe – bringing the tranquil and invigorating properties of nature into homes and businesses worldwide.

Using her intuitive creative talents and the nourishing elements of nature, Jill creates emotive works of art that inspire the mind, body + soul. Each artwork is created in her signature organic mixed media style using the earthly elements of sand, stones, shells, crystals and more. These multi-dimensional paintings pop with color and shimmer with natural embellishments, bringing a vibrant energy + tranquil harmony into a space, creating a beautiful connection to the power of the natural world.

Featured in private homes, spas, resorts, restaurants, yoga studios, offices and more, the calming properties, uplifting themes and visual allure of these vibrant works create an environment of soul-soothing beauty.

Jill earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Arizona University in 2001 and went on to earn her Master’s Degree in 2006. Her works are collected worldwide and have been shown in galleries and exhibitions throughout the USA, winning her many accolades and awards. Her murals have been featured internationally in Belize, India, Indonesia, Laos, Morocco and Thailand.

Jill is inspired by nature and its connection to the human spirit, and has lived and painted in some of the most beautiful places on the planet – from Hawaii’s Kauai Island to the high desert mountains of Arizona, from the cave-lined beaches of Morocco to the sultry islands of Indonesia, deep in the Redwood Forests of California to the vibrant art and island community of Key West, Florida.

She has traveled to over 30 countries (and counting!) on her quest to find inspiration from the beautiful landscapes of the world, and to include them in her artworks. If she is not creating in her studio or out exploring nature, she is probably trekking the globe in search of new inspiration.

Jill Lena Ford nature inspired artist in Kailua, Hawaii
Jill Lena Ford nature inspired artist creating nature inspired artwork in the Sahara desert
“My artwork is designed to bring others to a place of inner peace and clarity – to realign the mind, body and soul.”


Flagstaff, AZ
Sedona, AZ
Arcata, CA
Key West, FL
Koloa, HI
Poipu, HI
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Washington DC
Moorea, Tahiti
St.Thomas, Virgin Islands



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