Custom Wedding Art


Cherish the memories of your wedding day long after you say “I do” with custom wedding artwork that captures your special moment in time forever. Your personalized wedding keepsake is designed with natural elements from your outdoor destination wedding or honeymoon location – transforming a little piece of your dream day into an everlasting work of art, so you can savor its beauty + magic forever.


Imagine being taken back to the magical moments + cherished emotions of your wedding day, time and time again.

Your precious wedding memories are elegantly captured in your custom designed work of art, to be savored for a lifetime. 

From the curated embellishments to the exquisite design, to the inclusion of natural elements procured from your wedding site, your personalized masterpiece carries on the magic + elegance of your special day for years to come. 

Exclusive attention is granted to each client, with every aspect of your artwork tailored to the finest details. As such, custom art designs are only available to a limited number of clientele a year in order to ensure this exceptionally personalized experience.

“What a beautiful way to commemorate one of the best days of our lives.”

Jamie Holmes


Nature Inspired Custom Wedding Art by Jill Lena Ford spirals with natural materials sand, shells and blue and green paint colors

Capture your wedding + honeymoon bliss for a lifetime with an everlasting work of art

Give the unique + memorable gift of a personalized wedding keepsake to be cherished forever

Say “I Love You” with a timeless and touching gift that celebrates your lasting memories together


I’m Jill, Organic Fine Artist + creator of custom wedding art. If there’s one thing that I love, it’s LOVE! Every couple has their own special love story and it’s my passion to capture it for them in their artwork. Whether it’s a personal wedding keepsake for yourself, a unique gift to newlyweds, or a touching anniversary present for your beloved, the memories + magic of love will last a lifetime with these exclusively designed works of art.

Your artwork will be hand tailored just for you, inspired by your own unique story. From commencing a marriage, to celebrating the blending of two families, to honoring a years-long romance – and everything in between – I’ll transform your one of a kind love story into a one of a kind work of art to be cherished forever.

It's like we get to keep a little piece of that day with us forever.

Jen Ellis


Whether your wedding or honeymoon takes place near a beach, mountain, desert or forest, you probably chose that location for its beautiful atmosphere. That magical place, and the memories that you made there, can be captured in time forever by including a part of it in your artwork.

Nature’s elements such as sand, stones, shells and leaves radiate feelings of serenity, calm, peace and tranquility. They also hold stories of the place where they came from. Looking at your artwork, you will be taken back to that moment in time, as if you were surrounded by beautiful nature, experiencing your special day all over again.

By adding these organic items to canvas, they bring the magic + memories of your special day into your artwork so you can keep a piece of it with you forever, and share your unique love story with all who view it.

Colors can deeply affect the way we feel, evoking specific memories, moods, and emotions in us. When choosing colors for your artwork, you may want to consider what they represent to you.

You might want to choose colors that symbolize you as a couple and a family, or that represent the place in nature where you were married or honeymooned, such as the blues of the ocean or greens of the forest. You can match them to your wedding color palette, or to a specific room in your home where you will be admiring your artwork for years to come.

You may also want to ask yourself how you want the colors of your artwork to make you feel. Warm tones, like red, orange and yellow can energize and uplift, while cool tones such as blue, green and purple can create quiet, relaxing atmospheres.

Your artwork is a representation of your unique love story, and it will be custom designed in the colors that are most significant and meaningful to you.


Discover which custom wedding artwork is right for you by taking this inspiring questionnaire. Explore colors, designs, materials + nature’s beautiful landscapes to discover which inspires you the most and best tells your unique love story, so that your special day can be transformed into a one of a kind work of art to be cherished for a lifetime. 



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