Bring the nourishing powers of nature indoors with exclusively designed artwork that connects you to the power of the natural world and creates an environment of inspired beauty. Your hand tailored artwork is created with the natural elements that inspire you most, sourced from the Earth’s beaches, mountains, deserts and forests and arranged in soothing organic patterns, to transform your interior spaces into a sacred sanctuary that elevates the spirit + nourishes the soul.


Who is this Artwork for?

“When we return to nature, we return to our natural state of peace, health, harmony and joy.”


For thousands of years people have lived, worked and played in harmony with the natural world. There was an organic connection in all we did. But in the busy pace of modern times, a disconnection from nature has occurred, and along with it, a disconnection from ourselves

Did you know that the average American spends 93% of their time indoors? That means that only 7% of our time is spent outdoors being near nature.

It is not surprising that our stress has increased and health has decreased as a result. Scientists refer to this as ‘nature deficit disorder’. In the hustle and bustle of daily living, we have lost our relationship with the natural world. We must return to nature, to return to our natural state of peace, health, harmony + well being.


Imagine having a sacred sanctuary where you are revitalized by the nourishing elements of nature each and every day.

Your nature infused custom artwork is created with natural elements sourced from the earth and arranged in calming organic patterns, to bring serenity into your space as well as your spirit.

From the harmonious natural embellishments to the soul soothing design, your personalized masterpiece creates an ambiance of tranquility where you can retreat from the noise around you, and return to the peace + clarity within.

Exclusive attention is granted to each client, with every aspect of your artwork tailored to the finest details. As such, custom art designs are only available to a limited number of clientele a year in order to ensure this exceptionally personalized experience.

"The calming energy of nature has been transferred to canvas and into my home.

-J. Herschell


In the Home

Provide a source of daily inspiration, and anchor to the peace + power within yourself

In the Office

Create an atmosphere that boosts mood + well-being while improving concentration, productivity and creativity

For Your Guests

Increase comfort + relaxation, and create a calming, positive and restorative environment


I’m Jill, Organic Fine Artist + creator of nature infused custom artworks. I bring the nourishing powers of nature indoors to you, with works of art created from the elements of the natural world. Whether it’s for yourself, a loved one, your business or your guests, these exclusively designed artworks provide a connection to nature, uplift the mind, body + spirit, and create an environment of soul soothing beauty.

Your artwork will be hand tailored just for you, inspired by the places in nature that are most meaningful to you. From the serenity of the ocean to the stillness of the desert, the strength of the mountains to the  harmony of the forest – I’ll create an exclusive work of art that reconnects you to the powers of nature + to the powers within yourself.

"This beautiful art keeps me centered and inspires and grounds me daily."

-J. Bartone


When selecting natural materials for your artwork you can consider the emotions, mood and energy that you want to experience. Each place in nature has its own energy- a life force living in the natural elements found there.

For example, shells from the beach hold tranquility and peace, sands from the desert radiate clarity and stillness, stones from mountain peaks provide grounding and stability, and pebbles from river banks offer serenity and flow.

You may want to think about your favorite places in nature and how they make you feel. You might even include actual materials that you collect from these places into your artwork for a personalized touch.

Each organic element evokes different strengths + emotions within us, and offers a deeper connection to the natural world and to ourselves. By adding these organic items to canvas, they bring the power of nature into your artwork, and to all who view it.

Colors can deeply affect the way we feel. They evoke specific moods, emotions and memories, and can inspire and support us in unique ways. When choosing colors for your artwork, you may want to ask yourself how you want them to make you feel.

Warm tones, like red, orange and yellow can energize and uplift, while cool tones such as blue, green and purple can create quiet, relaxing atmospheres.

You may want the colors to represent a place in nature, such as the blues of the ocean or the greens of the forest. Or perhaps you want your artwork to compliment a specific room in your home where you will be admiring your artwork for years to come.

Every person experiences color in their own personal way, and your custom artwork will be designed in the colors that are most significant and meaningful to you.


Discover which nature infused custom art is right for you by taking this inspiring questionnaire. Explore colors, designs, materials + nature’s beautiful landscapes to discover which inspire you the most, so that the perfect artwork can be created just for you to elevate your spirit + nourish your soul.

"There is a life force energy that exists in the natural world that nourishes our own life force energy within ourselves."

Design Themes


Biophilic Design is a design style that incorporates nature into an indoor environment. It focuses on creating a calming space with a visual connection to nature while improving wellbeing, health and productivity.

It is based on the concept of Biophilia – the innate human instinct to connect with nature. Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, increases health, reduces stress, improves cognitive function and enhances mood + creativity. Being close to nature is good for us. 

Your choice of natural materials will be infused into your custom designed artwork, to connect you to the natural world and support your highest health and wellbeing.

The 5 Elements

Everything in nature is made up of the five basic elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. They are interwoven into the very makeup of all things in the universe, including us, and each have their own energetic properties.

Earth brings grounding and stability, Water brings serenity and flow, Fire brings inner strength and empowerment, Air brings freedom and joy, Space brings inspiration and possibility. Connecting to these elements in nature strengthens them within ourselves. 

Your personalized artwork will be created with the elements of nature that inspire you most, to connect you to the power of nature – and to the power within yourself

Key Elements


Cultivate peace, clarity and inner harmony by surrounding yourself with the nourishing powers of nature. Bring the natural world indoors to create a soothing + inspiring environment for you and all who visit your space.


Ignite your inner power and activate your highest intentions with artwork that invigorates your spirit as well as your space. Personally select themes and symbolism that embody your strengths + empower your soul.


Celebrate your unique spirit and share your authentic message with custom art that shines as bright as you do. Choose colors, materials and designs that align with your truth and radiate your one-of-a-kind magnificence.


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Who is this Artwork for?